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If You Pass This Vocabulary Test Without a 📕Dictionary, You’re Smarter Than 90% Of People

These are some challenging words!
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Vocabulary is important in daily life but often overlooked once we leave school. Having an extensive vocabulary not only enables us to express ourselves with precision, it also improves the many ways in which we communicate with one another.

Even when it comes to knowing words, there are certain degrees of defining how well we actually know them. We may think that we "know" a word, when it really means that we have heard of it being used before. But hearing a word before and knowing it exists is not the same as having the knowledge and ability to apply it correctly in conversation.

To expand our vocabulary even after we leave education, it helps to maintain a reading habit, use "a word a day" sites or apps, and play word quizzes like this. This quiz will challenge you to identify the odd word out in each question. Let's see how much range there really is to your vocabulary.

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If You Pass This Vocabulary Test Without Dictionary, Yo… Quiz Questions

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