Choose Between Kids Desserts and Grown-Up Versions and We’ll Reveal If You’re Ruled by Your Head or Your Heart

Are you ruled by rational thoughts or intuition?

As we age, it is common for our palate to become more refined and for us to start appreciating finer foods. However, even as mature adults, we all long to have a nostalgic taste of the desserts and snacks we enjoyed when we were kids.

How do you get to indulge in the treats from your childhood? Disguise them as socially-approved desserts for adults! If you are in the mood for a Pop-Tart, you could go for a giant slab pie with toppings similar to your favorite flavor. If you'd rather have a Rice Krispie treat, you could make a similar treat with brown butter instead, elevating it to gourmet status!

In this quiz, we'll present you with a set of desserts typically enjoyed by kids and some sweet treats that adults usually prefer. You simply choose the item you prefer - no shame on what you pick! Your preferences will determine if you listen to your head or your heart more.

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