It’s Time to Find Out If You’re More Logical or Emotional With These “This or That” Questions

What's your dominant decision-making style?

Are you the type of person who follows their heart or their head? Do you make decisions based on facts or on feelings? When faced with a dilemma, do you take a step back, analyze the situation and the possible outcomes, or do you react impulsively in the moment? It's time to find out if you're more logical or emotional with our "This Or That" questions. Your answers can reveal much about your personality and the way you approach life.

In this quiz, you will be presented with a series of "This Or That" questions that will require you to choose between two options. The choices may seem simple, but they will give you an insight into your mindset. For example, do you prefer happy endings or sad endings? Do you prefer a comedian in a serious film or a serious actor in a comedy film?

Your answers will determine if you are more likely to make decisions based on logic or emotion. While the majority of people fall somewhere in between, you may discover that you lean toward one side more than the other.

Maybe you'll find that you're a logical person who prefers facts and data, and you make decisions based on what makes the most sense. Or, you could find that you're an emotional person who makes decisions based on how it feels or how you think it will make others feel.

No matter which way you lean, this quiz will provide an interesting insight into your personality. If you're ready to find out the answer, take this quiz and have fun!

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