๐Ÿฅž Make Some Pancakes for Your Celeb Husband and We’ll Reveal Who He Is

Because we all love pancakes, even celebs.

Many of us have our own celebrity crushes. We get curious about who theyโ€™re dating at the moment. We may even secretly fantasize about meeting and having a relationship with the desirable stars that we so idolize. Don't worry, being fascinated by and attracted to celebrities is neither new nor abnormal.

With social media enabling us to follow celebs in their daily lives, it almost feel as though we're in their inner circle. It's possible to know where they hang out and what they do, letting us believe we stand a chance at being in their lives. We can't say that is being delusional, it seems attainable. If you do have a lot of followers on your Instagram or Twitter, you're one step closer to being in the celebrity world. Suddenly, dating a famous celebrity crush doesn't seem so farfetched does it?

Imagine actually being in a relationship with a famous personality. Surprise him with a freshly made batch of pancakes. Choose everything that goes in and on the dish and we'll reveal who this mystery celeb is!

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