🍞 Make Some Toast and We’ll Reveal Your Best Quality

Here's a "toast" to you!

🍞 Make Some Toast and We'll Reveal Your Best Quality Quiz

There is probably no other ingredient as versatile as sliced bread. Everybody keeps a loaf in the kitchen. When hunger strikes, bread makes a great go-to snack that barely requires any effort. You can eat it plain, or pop it into a toaster, slather it with butter and it's done.

When it comes to breakfast, many of us kickstart our day with some crisp toast, either with scrambled eggs or grilled sausages on the side, or just melted butter on top with a sprinkling of black pepper. Toast can also be perfect for lunch or dinner when teamed with some meats alongside grilled veggies or beans. How does a tuna melt or bacon and eggs on toast sound? Did you know that you can even have toast as dessert? Known as Shibuya toast, the scrumptious Japanese snack comprises of a thick toast with sweet toppings and sauces.

In this virtual cooking quiz, make the toast of your dreams! Pack on the toppings and spreads you'd enjoy and we'll reveal your best quality!

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