The Hardest Game of “Would You Rather” Marvel Edition

Would you rather have Thor's hammer or Cap's shield?

The Hardest Game of Would You Rather Marvel Edition Quiz

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a large, diverse, and elaborate place full of superheroes, villains and battles. What goes on inside the MCU is often infinitely more interesting than what goes on in our universe. Perhaps that's why we enjoy watching the multitude of Marvel movies so much. Rarely on real Earth do such epic battles occur and when they do, they aren't nearly as exciting and lighthearted as the battles Marvel puts on the silver screen. The consequences tend to be more broad-reaching as well.

Many super fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe likely wish they lived their real lives inside this fictional world. Unfortunately, we are only left to wonder what our lives would be like and what adventures we would navigate. Take the world's hardest Marvel "would you rather" quiz and you can determine what your life would be like if you actually lived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Would You Rather? Quizzes
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  11. 🍦 Do You Actually Prefer Ice Cream or Men?
  12. Choose Between These πŸ“Ί Shows to Watch and We’ll Know If You’re Old or Young
  13. Are You More Fire πŸ”₯, Earth 🌳, Water 🌊, Or Air πŸ‚? Take This Food Quiz to Find Out 🍽️
  14. Would You Rather: 🍨 Normal or πŸ₯“ Weird Ice Cream Edition
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  16. 🍰 This “Would You Rather” Cake Test Will Reveal Your Most Attractive Quality
  17. 🐱 Choose Between Kittens and Desserts and We’ll Pay You a Compliment 🍰
  18. Make Some Impossible “Actor Vs. Character” Choices and We’ll Guess Your Exact Age and Height
  19. Choose Between These Foods and We’ll Tell You If You Eat Like an Old or Young Person
  20. It’ll Be Hard, But Choose Between These Foods and We’ll Know What Mood You’re in
  21. πŸ€“ Answer 15 Impossible Questions and We’ll Tell You If You’re More Logical or Emotional 😒
  22. It’s Pretty Obvious What Generation You Are from Based on Your “Would You Rather” Activity Choices
  23. 🍰 We Know Whether You’re an Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert Based on Your Cake Opinions
  24. Choose Between These Actors and Characters to Date and We’ll Find Out How Old You Are Inside
  25. This “Would You Rather” Hot or Cold Food Test Will Reveal Your Most Polarizing Quality
  26. This Food Showdown Quiz Is Scientifically Designed to Determine What Kind of Optimist or Pessimist You Are
  27. 🍟 Wanna Know Your Most Lovable Quality? πŸ” Make Some Difficult Fast Food Decisions to Find Out
  28. Do You Actually Prefer πŸ₯§ Holiday Food or 🐢 Puppies?
  29. This Ultimate Dairy Showdown Will Determine If You Have a Male or Female Brain
  30. Make Some Impossible “🐢Puppy Vs. πŸ•Food” Choices and We’ll Guess Your Actual and Emotional Ages


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The Hardest Game of Would You Rather Marvel Edition Quiz Questions