Which Planet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Do You Belong In?

Do you belong in Sakaar, Asgard, or Knowhere?

There are seemingly an unlimited amount of planets in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every Marvel planet has been carefully created and each has its own unique culture, inhabitants, and way of life. Chances are you'd fit in better on an alien planet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe than you do on Earth. If you have ever felt as though you don't quite feel at home on this globe, it's possible you belong to an entirely different world altogether.

Many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe only find out later in their lives that their family lineage actually extends beyond the borders of Earth. Just like these Marvel characters, perhaps you will find out the same thing once you take this quiz.

Do you belong with the Asgardians or will you find comfort on the desolate Volmir?ย Start the quiz and we'll tell you exactly which planet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe you should call home.

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