🍔 Only Calorie Experts Can Tell Which Fast Food Burgers Have More Calories

Which has more calories: Big Mac or Baconator?

Calories measure how much energy is in food. To lose weight, more calories must be burned than consumed. When you're trying to eat healthy -- whether it is to shed pounds or maintain a healthy lifestyle -- understanding the calorie count of the foods you eat every day can help you make better choices at mealtime.

We all love a bit of fast food as a treat at least once a week every now and then. How many of us actually pause to consider the high calorific value of the food we devour? Calorie counting can be confusing. It is not always immediately obvious which food has fewer calories. Without calorie and nutritional values available as a guide it can be hard to weigh up what is the healthiest snack or meal.

So, how much do you know about calories – and can you guess which fast foods pack the most calories? Take this quiz to see if you know which popular burgers contain more calories.

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