Not Even Masters of General Knowledge Can Get a Perfect Score on This Quiz. Can You?

Is your trivia knowledge at Masters' level?

Welcome back to another general knowledge quiz designed to mess with your mind! Even if you are the biggest general knowledge buff, you may not be able to get through this difficult quiz on several different topics.

You should possess some common knowledge of music, with an emphasis on the instrument families' characteristics. Your awareness of the human body would also be a plus point in this quiz. Minor pop culture knowledge would be an advantage, as we'd ask about Spider-Man and Doctor Who. Science questions regarding the solar system and the speed of light are included, even if you're not that good at the subject. Hope you have been brushing up on your geography and history knowledge as well, as you would need that for this quiz too!

So you think you can handle these topics? Go ahead and see if you can achieve the highest possible score. But keep in mind that even general knowledge masters cannot get full marks on this.

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Not Even Masters of General Knowledge Can Get Perfect Score on This Quiz. Can You? Questions

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