🛸 Only a True Sci-Fi Fan Can Match These Movies With Their Plots

"Today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact." — Isaac Asimov

Science fiction is arguably the most creative form of entertainment there is. In no other form of fiction is imagination given such limitless freedom. In fact, many scientists and academics believe sci-fi writers have done much to pave the way for non-fictional science. The theory is that we wouldn't have all the crazy technology we have today if it hadn't been for a sci-fi author dreaming it up first. Then a scientist just finds a way to make it happen in our world after seeing it in a work of fiction.

Perhaps you are a big sci-fi fan and if that is the case, you might do well at this quiz. Only the top science fiction buffs on the planet are able to match these sci-fi movies with their plots.

For any question you get wrong on this quiz, don't fret. It just means that you get to watch and enjoy that particular movie and then come back and take this quiz again!

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Only a True Sci-Fi Fan Can Match Movies With Their Plots Quiz Questions

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