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Name That Movie: Can You Fill in the Blank and Name These Famous Movies With Colorful Titles?

Can you match the movie to the color?
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Are you a movie buff who loves a good challenge? Do you pride yourself on your encyclopedic knowledge of cinema? Well, get ready to put your skills to the test with this movie quiz. Whether you're a movie buff or just a casual viewer, we've got something for everyone.

In this quiz, we'll be testing your knowledge of some of the most iconic movies with colorful titles. We'll give you a brief description, and your job is to fill in the blank and name the color that appears in the movie title. So, can you name the 1995 crime-thriller movie starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman? How about the 1954 adventure movie directed by Jack Arnold and starring Richard Carlson and Julia Adams, which features a creature from a certain lagoon? And who could forget the 1999 film based on Stephen King's novel of the same name?

If you're up for the challenge, then grab your popcorn and get ready to flex your movie knowledge. Let the games begin!

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⚠️ May contain spoilers
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