Only a Doctor or Nurse Can Identify All These Medical Devices

Anyone else is welcome to try anyway.

Medical equipment and devices help doctors to measure and observe various aspects of a patient's health so that they can form a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, the doctor can then prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

Many of these instruments may seem like a modern day invention but they have been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans used thin, hollow tools to introduce fluids into the body, a precursor to the modern needle. Today, it is a vast industry that is exponentially growing with technological advancements rolling out weekly.

Various medical instruments can be found in clinics, in emergency rooms, as well as inpatient hospital rooms and intensive care units. You've either used them, they've been used on you, or you've seen them being used in movies or medical dramas. How well do you know these medical devices and supplies? If you're not in the medical profession, can you still recognize the items in this quiz? Challenge yourself and see how many you can identify.

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Only a Doctor or Nurse Can Identify All Medical Devices Quiz Questions

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