Can We Guess Your Age Based on the TV Characters You Find Most Attractive?

It's science.

Television is an integral part of our lives. The most popular TV shows tend to be those that involve compelling storylines, engaging characters and great dialogues. In addition to providing us with entertainment, some television shows have become cultural phenomena, sparking multiple discussions and debates.

The characters shown in television shows can often be relatable and provide us with a sense of companionship and comfort. In this quiz, we would determine what your age is based on the TV characters you find most attractive. This is not as simple as older people being attracted to older characters and younger characters being attracted to younger characters. This has everything to do with what types of personality traits, fashion styles, and more that some generations value over others.

For the purposes of this quiz, it is very important that you answer these questions as honestly as possible. Even if you don’t want to admit that you find a certain character attractive, you have to be honest or the results of your quiz will not be as accurate. So, are you ready to find out what your true age is? Let's get started!

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