Choose Between These ๐Ÿ“บ Shows to Watch and We’ll Know If You’re Old or Young

Your taste in TV shows reveal a lot about you.

TV choices define certain age groups. Did you grow up watching The Brady Bunch andย The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, are you too young for I Love Lucyย and Andy Griffith, or is Stranger Things andย Game of Thrones more your cup of tea?ย Whether you stan Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul or Star Trek: The Original Series and The Twilight Zone, your taste in television tells us exactly which age groupโ€”older, younger, or somewhere in betweenโ€”you belong in.

It's pretty simple really, all you need to do in this quiz is make a choice between the two TV series you would prefer to watch in each genre, subgenre or category. We will know whether you are an older person or a younger person solely based on the shows you have chosen. Don't believe us? Take this TV show quiz and it will prove you wrong.

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