What’s Your Most Toxic Trait?

We're all a little toxic.

Nobody is a perfect person. Everyone has at least one toxic trait, even if we may not like to admit it. Perhaps you are a little self-centered, judgemental, or just a little angry. We can actually determine what your top toxic trait is based on the answers you provide on this quiz. It’s possible you might learn something new about yourself. On the other hand, you might already be aware of what your most toxic trait is. Perhaps you’ll decide to improve this about yourself, but you might not.

In order for this quiz to accurately determine what your most toxic trait is, it is imperative that you answer these questions as truthfully as possible. Otherwise, your most toxic trait is likely that you are dishonest, but that won't be reflected in your results from this quiz. If you want to find out what your most toxic trait is, answer these questions as honestly as you can and we will let you know.

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What's Your Most Toxic Trait? Quiz Questions

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