Most People Can’t Match 16/24 of These National Animals to Their Country on a Map โ€“ Can You?

One of these animals is even extinct.

National animals are carefully chosen by various countries as symbols that represent them to the rest of the world. Many of these animals are indigenous to their host countries, while some are chosen because they represent a certain image. It's no surprise then, that 19 different countries have picked the lionโ€”the king of animalsโ€”as the best species to represent them. These include Norway, England, Iran, Morocco, Singapore, and the Czech Republic, to name a few.

There are more exotic national animals too. For instance, Greece's national animal is the phoenix, a creature that's literally straight out of legend. The Chinese dragon, not surprisingly, is a symbol of China too. In this quiz you will also encounter the mythical unicorn as a national animal!

Your job in this quiz is to match various animals to the continents where they are officially recognised as a symbol of a country. These may be birds, mammals, fish, and even extinct creatures! Do you know the animals that represent different nations? Take this quiz to find out!

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Can You Match 16 National Animals To Their Country? Quiz Questions

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