Nobody Has Scored at Least 17/20 on This Difficult History Test. Will You?

A quiz to test your inner historian.

It may have been a challenging subject for you in school, but being aware of history is important for any individual. Knowing the major events from the past help one understand why we live life the way we are living it today. To test if you've got a good grasp on history, here's a quiz for you!

We will be asking a couple of questions about different battles and movements. If you have heard of the Battle of Jutland or the Quiet Revolution, you will have an advantage. Your knowledge of country histories is essential, as you will be tested on the former British Honduras. Historical figures will be touched upon, like Mahatma Gandhi and emperors of the past.

If you can answer such questions, then go ahead and take this test. You may find it easy to pass this quiz, but to score 17 and above will be no easy feat. No one has been able to score that high - will you be the first?

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