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Only Extremely Legit History Buffs Can Identify These 50 Legendary People

Hope you're ready for a history challenge.
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Since the beginning of time, many influential people around the world have made a difference in society, culture and science in meaningful ways. Many of these icons are world leaders, scientists, philosophers, artists, writers, musicians, pioneers and even everyday people that managed to make their mark on history.

While Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle felt that the study of famous figures is a key to understanding history, English philosopher Herbert Spencer was of the belief that historical individuals were of little importance. Irrespective of the philosophical debates on the subject, it cannot be denied that studying about the famous men and women in world history is truly an enriching experience.

This quiz is for the history buffs, those who love the act of learning so much that it transcends subject matter. Of course, acing a quiz like this won't come easy. Are you ready to take your brain over the hurdles?

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Only History Buffs Can Identify 50 Legendary People Quiz Questions

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