This Science “True or False” Quiz Will Reveal If You Aced or Flunked Out of School

You don't have to be an Einstein to ace this.

We learn quite a bit about the various sciences in schools. Yet science is so much more than a subject studied in school. It provides the basic framework for the rules that govern the natural world. Whether you think there's a lot more you could know about science, or think you know all there is to know about the subject, putting your knowledge to test never hurts. If you think you can still recall the basics of various branches of science, take our quiz to test your science knowledge!

If you pride yourself on being a science know-it-all, this quiz would challenge what you think you know. You might find the questions easy at the start, but don't worry, they'll get harder as you go along. Take this quiz to test your science knowledge, and maybe learn a few things along the way. Think you can score big on this science quiz?


โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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This Science True or False Quiz Will Reveal If You Aced or Flunked Out of School Questions

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