If You Know Where 17/24 of These Obscure Countries Are, You’re a Geography Whiz

Have you even heard of Kiribati?

When it comes to traveling, many people dream about visiting the mainstream tourist locations like France, Japan, and Italy. But almost no one ever mentions about the more obscure locations such as Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands and Brunei.

Many of the world's 195 countries are still a gem waiting to be discovered. Some lesser-known nations get so little attention in the media that most people may not even have heard of them throughout their lives. Tuvalu or Kiribati anyone? These remote corners of the globe remain unspoiled, a mystery to the rest of the world. Yet they may be home to magnificent natural beauty, colorful culture, delicious cuisine and history.

There are many countries featured in this quiz where tourism is not developed. If you're looking to avoid touristy destinations for your next vacation, you might want to try visiting one of these places — some of which can only be accessed by boat or plane. But first try picking them out on the map. Do you know where these obscure countries are?

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Do You Know Where These 24 Obscure Countries Are? Quiz Questions

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