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✏️ If You Can’t Spell the Names of These Everyday Items, You Need to Go Back to Elementary School

Are your spelling skills a recommendation or an embarrassment?
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Umbrellas, extinguishers, calendars, toothbrushes, and so on and so forth. These common things are all around us. We use these items, pass them by all the time, and even have some of them in our own home. But do you know the proper names of these everyday objects? More importantly, can you spell the names of these things without the help of a spell-checker?

This quiz aims to test your spelling skills and see if you can actually spell the names of some common everyday items all on your own without the use of an autocorrection tool. It's a good way to see whether your spelling skills are up to snuff, or if you need a refresher course on English spelling.

Try this quick quiz to find out whether your spelling is an embarassment (or should that be embarrassment?). If you get stuck at any point, click the "I give up" button to move on to the next question.

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