Only a History Teacher Will Pass This Tough History Quiz

Non-teachers are welcome to try anyway.

Are you a history buff who loves reading up on past events? If you're proud of your historical knowledge, take your shot at this history quiz. Don't worry, we're not going to leave you in the dark; here are some hints about the upcoming questions.

We will ask you about great leaders throughout history and their contributions to their countries. Do you know which leader was behind the construction of the Great Wall of China? You need to go one step further and know of the Chinese dynasties. Your knowledge of wars will be tested too, and we don't just mean the two world wars. You should also be familiar with iconic pieces of art and their creators.

If you think you have a strong hold on such topics, then try this 18-question quiz on world history. If you know the answers to most of it, there's only one explanation - you're a history teacher!

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Only a History Teacher Will Pass This Tough History Quiz Questions

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