This Overrated/Underrated Food Quiz Will Reveal Your Exact Age

This quiz might be a little bit psychic.

Anyone who has done any form of dieting, or paid attention to his or her food and calorie intake knows that emotions and discipline all come into play when a person tries to eat better. Research has been done to show that the things we eat correlate with our personalities. Perhaps this is the old adage "you are what you eat" reversed and adapted. "You eat what you do because of who you are." It goes to show that what we choose to put into our body is influenced by our personality, mood, and various other traits. It is interesting to speculate on what the food choices we make can reveal about us.

This quiz lists several common and widely eaten foods. You can gauge each one and decide whether it is overrated, appropriately rated or underrated. For example, pizza is delicious, but is it perhaps overrated? Based on your food opinions, we will calculate your exact age right now.

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This Overrated/Underrated Food Quiz Will Reveal Your Age Questions

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