Only a Genius Can Unscramble the Names of 14/20 Countries

It's harder than you think.

Think you're something of a geography expert? With almost 200 countries in the world, you'd need a good memory to be able to name them all. What you might find even harder, though, is naming them from groups of scrambled letters. Luckily, there are only 20 of them you'll need to unscramble in this quiz.

If you've studied up on your geography or you've visited many places around the world, then it's time to see how well you know your country names.

There are 20 countries in this quiz, with their names all jumbled up. Your job is to decipher the names of these countries. Can you do it? Not only would you need some geography knowledge, you would also need to have good English spelling and unscrambling skills to do well in this quiz! If you get stuck at any point, click the "I give up" button to go to the next question.

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Only a Genius Can Unscramble the Names of 14 Countries Quiz Questions

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