Pick These Actors’ Best Films and We’ll Guess Your Age Accurately

What are these actors' best movies? You can only pick one.

Many actors take their time choosing projects that will elevate their acting game to another level, roles that they will be remembered for in the long run.

Just in the past year, newcomer Timothรฉe Chalamet has already made an impressive impact with movies like Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, earning a nomination for Best Actor in the 2018 Oscars. Another unforgettable movie is The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The movie is memorable for Christian Bale's representation of the caped crusader, but the one who stole the show is definitely Heath Ledger. He took on the very iconic role of the Joker, put his own spin on it and left us wanting more. The role even landed him a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor!

We'll show you some famous actors and the movies they're known for in this quiz. Choose the film you like best from each actor and we will guess your age accurately!

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