Choose Between These Actors and Characters to Date and We’ll Find Out How Old You Are Inside

Would you date Owen Grady or Star-Lord?

Many actors and actresses wait their whole lives to portray a character that becomes widely recognized. Some go through their whole careers without getting this opportunity. But a lucky few get to play a role that may become more popular than the actor himself!

Robert Downey Jr.'s perfect portrayal of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man played a huge part in the success of the Marvel movie franchise. The actor and character are seen by most younger audiences as inseparable from one another. Does the name Anthony Perkins ring a bell? We wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. But you must recall the performance of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho! This role was so memorable, but it grew to be detrimental to Perkins' career since everyone simply knew him as the villain from the horror movie.

In this quiz, pick someone in each question you'd like to be romantically involved with. The trick is you have to choose between an actor and some of the most iconic characters he has played. Your choices will help us determine how old your soul is.

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