Pick Some ’90s Foods, Then We’ll Correctly Guess Your Age

Dunkaroos for the win.

If you were a '90s kid, you'd know it was arguably the decade of interesting food. Despite your parents desperately trying to feed you healthy dishes, the yummy and unique items that were available just kept getting more of your attention. And we certainly don't blame you. If you lived through the '90s, let us take you on a nostalgic food journey!

Do you remember bringing Lunchables when your mom forgot to pack your school lunch? You probably looked forward to lunch period all day. Not only did you get to build your own meal, it tasted delicious as well! Another unforgettable food was the Oreo O's. This breakfast food was a treat that kids looked forward to every morning and came in the form of creme-sprinkled chocolate cereal rings.

We've got more surprises lined up for you to look back on. Pick your favorite '90s food item from each category. Based on your choices, we will guess your age correctly!

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