๐Ÿ’‹ Pick Your Favorite Makeup and We’ll Guess Your Age

What does your taste in makeup say about you?

Makeup trends have been changing constantly over the years. Some of the trends over the past few decades involve bright technicolor eye shadow and mascara, large amounts of bronzer, super thin eyebrows, dark lipliner and heavy blush. Right now, we experiment with lots of highlighter, contouring and thick eyebrows. It's anyone's guess what tomorrow's trends will bring!

Even with ever-changing fads, you probably have your own way of doing a makeup look that flatters your face and highlights your unique features. Confident, mysterious, glamorous, natural, or flirty? Your go-to makeup style can say a lot about you. Choose your favorite cosmetic products and shades you need to make your makeup look entirely your own and we will guess your age accurately!

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