๐Ÿฅ” Choose Some of Your Favorite Potato Dishes and We’ll Tell You Your Best Quality

We know what's most spud-tecular about you.

Who doesn't love eating potatoes? Potatoes are one of the most quintessential ingredients that allow for a great variety of dishes. Fries, hash browns, crisps, breakfast and dinner dishes - whatever you feel like eating, a potato dish is waiting for you. Another reason to love spuds is that they are highly nutritious. Potatoes contain vitamins and nutrients and serve as low-calorie options with the correct preparation methods.

Not only are they a tasty addition to a meal, spuds can also be used for skincare! You can whiten your skin, treat your underage dark circles, reduce puffy eyes and dark spots all with potatoes. The starch also helps to remove pimples, blackheads, and oil by cleaning the pores.

In this quiz, we serve a potato feast for your eyes. Pick the dish you love most in each category. Your food preferences and palate tell a lot about your best quality, which we will reveal to you at the end of the quiz.

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