This Geography Trivia Quiz Gets Progressively Harder, And I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Pass

It's just 15 questions. You can do it, right?

For many people, the term "geography" conjures up vague memories of a subject studied in the early years of high school involving maps, mountains and plate tectonics. Yet geography is one of the most interesting subjects available to learn about. There's more to geography than some people may think as we are discovering new things about the Earth every day. Human societies and cultures help shape the world and stuff that we once learned back in high school may be outdated by now.

This geography general knowledge quiz will challenge you with questions about countries, capital cities, population sizes, landmarks, official languages and more! It gets progressively harder with each question. That means that even if the quiz seemed easy at the beginning, you may find yourself having a hard time with the more challenging questions towards the end.

How do you think your geography general knowledge measures up? Take our quiz to find out.

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This Geography Trivia Quiz Gets Progressively Harder, & I'll Be Impressed If You Can Pass Questions

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