Prove You Have a Ton of Random Knowledge by Getting 11/15 on This Quiz

Have you got what it takes?

Are you someone who always wins at pub quizzes? Do you have a habit of googling for random bits of trivia in your spare time? Think you have a whole lot of general knowledge? Then this quiz is for you!

You can prove that you have a large amount of random knowledge if you can answer at least 11 out of 15 of these questions correctly. This will be a lot harder than you think it is, however, so donโ€™t get cocky. Obtaining enough knowledge in a wide range of areas to do well on general knowledge quizzes is much more difficult than studying for and doing well on a quiz dedicated to a specific topic. A focus area of study is always more efficient than a general area of study.

People who are able to do well on general knowledge quizzes simply have to have a love of knowledge and enjoy studying and obtaining new information. There is no other way. If you think you have enough general knowledge to do well on this quiz, then get right to it, and we'll see if you are as knowledgeable as you think you are.

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Prove You Have Ton of Random Knowledge by Getting 11 on This Quiz Questions

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