Can You Answer These Questions That Everyone Should Know?

Some answers are not what they seem.

Can You Answer Questions That Everyone Should Know? Quiz

There are some things that everyone should already know by now. It's about your logic coming into play and telling you what is obviously true or false, what you should or should not do. Some people may have more common sense than others but there are certainly many basic things that everyone should know.

When stranded out in open sea, we know not to drink the sea water even if we are feeling extremely thirsty. Many of us who drive have encountered a flat tire, but not everyone knows how to change the tire. Some of us enjoy making purchases on credit cards, but not all will spend within the means and may end up buying things we can't afford. So there are many common sense things that we don't always follow through on.

This quiz will be full of questions everyone should already know how to answer. Take your time and answer carefully, as we will also throw in a few curveball questions just to keep you on your toes. Are you ready?

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