Can You Correctly Answer 15 Random General Knowledge Questions?

Well, can you?

General knowledge consists of facts from a wide spectrum of topics. We've consistently created quizzes with this spectrum in mind. However, with this one, we're thinking out of the box with even more topics!

Do you know what gives eggnog its delicious frothy texture? When it comes to the different colored gemstones, do you know which birthstone represents the month of November? How much do you know about the different periods of history, such as the stone, iron, and bronze ages? Have you heard of Mount Hotham and can you identify its geographic location? How well do you know your animals? For instance, can you tell what the camelopard is?

These are just some of the questions that will appear in this quiz. If you are confident of answering such questions, then you may be able to pass the test, no matter how random it gets. Let's see how well you will do, all the best!

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Can You Correctly Answer 15 Random General Knowledge Qu… Quiz Questions

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