Can You Pass This Basic High School Spelling Test?

Pass it, or you're going back to school!

With the advent of spell check and numerous apps that prevent us from sending out emails with grammatical and spelling mistakes, the art of knowing how to spell words correctly is beginning to die. You might go your entire day without reading a paragraph of text that has not been aided by a spell checker in some way. In fact, there are words in this paragraph right now that the author needed an autocorrect or grammar app to fix.

In short, very few of us know how to spell anymore. We have bots and computers that do it for us. Perhaps you think this is not true, and believe that you would do well on a basic high school spelling test. Well, guess what? This quiz can either prove you right or prove you wrong. If you think that you retained a lot of the spelling skills you gained in high school, then go ahead and put that to the test.

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Can You Pass This Basic High School Spelling Test? Quiz Questions

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