🍔 Take This “Scale of 1 to 5” McDonald’s Quiz and We’ll Guess Your Age Accurately

You know, if this made any sense at all.

For a company as famous as McDonald's, you might think that you know everything there is to know about the fast food giant. But there are some facts that have gone under the radar... until now!

Did you know that the Golden Arches open up to 1,400 new outlets in a year? In comparison, Chipotle has 1,600 outlets in total! The fast food chain employs about 1.8 million employees, which is more than the entire population of Philadelphia! The staff attend to about 70 million customers daily worldwide, which put together is more than France's population of 66 million. The scale of demand from the millions of customers means that hamburgers are being sold at the rate of 75 per second!

Whether you love or loathe Mickey Dee's, here's your chance to show your sentiments. Rate the following popular food items from the menu on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being you're hatin' it, 5 being you're lovin' it). Based on what you rate them, or whether you've even tried them, we'll be able to guess your true age accurately.

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