Rename These Common Foods to Find Out How Old You Are Inside

Should French fries be called potato sticks or fingers of heaven?

The names of food can be a great topic of discussion. Most dishes have straightforward, obvious names, like fish and chips or spaghetti and meatballs. However, there are some everyday foods that have confusing names that make you wonder how they ever got them!

Have you ever heard of sweetbreads? The name is definitely deceiving, as calf innards aren't sweet and they definitely aren't a kind of bread. Boston cream pie sounds delicious, but if you were expecting a slice of pie, you would be wrong. What you will get are instead sponge cake layers. Speaking of desserts, ladyfingers also refer to sponge cake-like biscuits shaped somewhat like a finger.

In this quiz, you get to right the wrongs by renaming some popular food! We will present you with some delicious items that have household names. It's up to you to pick a new, appropriate name for them! Your choices will determine how old you are on the inside.

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