What Job Would You Have in a Restaurant Kitchen?

Are you the Gordon Ramsay of the kitchen?

When we dine in at a restaurant, we normally focus on whether our meal is delicious, how nice the ambience is, and if the service is up to par. But behind every dish is a team hard at work that makes it all possible. Do you know who they are?

In any restaurant, different roles come together to form the well-oiled (no pun intended) machine. This is headed by the executive chef, who helms the kitchen in the managerial position. He creates the menu and makes sure that the entire kitchen operation runs smoothly. He is assisted by his right-hand man, the sous chef. The second in command chef is more hands-on when it comes to cooking, managing the kitchen staff and maintaining food quality. Along with the kitchen assistants and cleaners, your food is created with much love by highly-skilled staff, so remember to leave them a tip or some kind words!

In this quiz, answer some questions pertaining to your love for food and cooking skills, and we'll reveal your rightful position in a restaurant kitchen!

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What Job Would You Have in a Restaurant Kitchen? Quiz Questions

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