🎁 Return Some Presents and We’ll Guess If You’re Pretentious or Not

It's time to settle this once and for all.

Return Presents & I'll Guess If You're Pretentious or N… Quiz

Most of us love receiving gifts. But sometimes the joy of getting a present is ruined when people give us things we clearly don't need ... or want. You would rather these items go back to the places they came from. Returning items back to the store doesn't make you a bad person, it's actually pretty common. In 2016, 54% of all holiday gifts were exchanged or altered.

Out of the most commonly returned gifts, sweet treats stood out. Many people decided to bring back chocolates, candy, and gum to the shops. Women in particular also decided to swap out toddler clothes and sweaters for gift cards, whereas men traded in dress shirts and athletic attire. If you want to give gifts that your recipients won't exchange, try sticking to watches, fine jewelry, and skincare products.

Take this simple quiz and tell us if you'd return each gift or not. Based on your answers, we can tell you honestly if you are a pretentious person!

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