Plan the Ultimate πŸ€ St. Patrick’s Day Party to Discover Your Irish Mythological Alter Ego

Get your green on.

What Irish Mythological Creature Are You?
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St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday where even if you are not Irish, you can be Irish for a day. Planning a St. Patrick’s Day party can be fun and attending one can be a blast. We can actually determine what creature you are from Irish mythology based on the choices you make when organizing such a party. Irish mythology is filled with amazing beings and there is one of them out there that shares a personality with you.

This quiz will ask you to plan a St. Patrick’s Day party. You’ll have to choose exactly how you want your party to be. You’ll need to pick decorations, choose who you are inviting, the type of food and drinks to serve, and even what to do if someone has had too much to drink. The decisions you make will reveal little clues about your personality and help us figure out what Irish mythical being you are most like.

What Irish Mythological Creature Are You? Quiz Questions