🛍 Go Shopping for Some Random Items and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Hobby

Buy some random stuff? Yes please.

Most of our monthly shopping budget is dedicated to essential groceries and personal care items. Occasionally we may find ourselves making spur of the moment purchases. Instead of spending money on unnecessary things, you could consider getting some useful inventions that are functional, yet so random that you wouldn't think of buying them on your own.

A creation like the 2-in-1 compact mirror and portable charger ensures you can check your makeup without having to waste your phone's battery to use the front camera. It even provides additional battery power for your phone should you need it. If you've ever highlighted the wrong line in your notes during a late-night study session, an erasable highlighter would be the holy grail of stationery for you.

Go on a virtual shopping spree in this quiz as you buy random but useful items! Based on your buys, we can guess what you like to do in your free time.

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