If You Can’t Score 10/15 on This Quiz, You Shouldn’t Have Graduated High School

Not everyone went to high school.

If you aren't able to get two-thirds of the questions on this quiz correct then an argument can be made that you should have never graduated high school. Granted, high school is not exactly the great determinant of who has large amounts of knowledge and who does not. However, you should have obtained some basic knowledge about the world if you had been paying attention during those high school classes.

This quiz will test you on a variety of subjects that were likely covered in your high school education whether you noticed it or not. This includes questions commonly found in high school English tests, history exams, and there are even one or two questions you may have learned the answer to in gym or health class. If you want to find out whether or not your graduation from high school was warranted or not, then you will want to take this quiz and see how well you do.

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If You Can't Score 10 on This Quiz, You Shouldn't Have Graduated High School Questions

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