๐Ÿ“š Can You Get a Passing Grade on This High School Literature Quiz?

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Literature is viewed as one of the more interesting subjects a student can take in high school. Literally all you do is read books and form opinions on them. This is somewhat different from the maths and sciences of the world where one must remember very specific facts and understand their principles and workings. In the case of literature, all you need to do is remember one of the greatest stories ever told and then write about it. Some of the greatest novels of all time are regularly studied by high school English classes.

Many of the novels studied in English classes make statements about the world we live in or time periods that we have gone through. If you happen to think that you have a large amount of knowledge stored up in your brain about novels commonly read in high school English classes then go ahead and give this quiz your best shot. Perhaps you can get a passing grade or even better.

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Can You Get Passing Grade on This High School Literature Quiz? Questions

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