Most “Stranger Things” Fans Can’t Identify 18/20 of These Censored Characters — Can You?

After the conclusion of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things might just be the most compelling, and most universally-loved series on television right now.

What started out as a cute '80s Netflix thriller has taken the internet by storm and turned into a bonafide franchise. It's got everything: fantasy, adventure, drama, comedy, romance, monsters, and killer plot lines that have us all on the edges of our seats. But what really makes Stranger Things so great is its assortment of strong characters, whether lovable, likeable, or not-so-likeable.

So now that we've all binged on the latest season, it is the time to take some Stranger Things quizzes. Let's see how well you can recognize the beloved characters from Hawkins in their censored forms. Can you pick out Steve "The Hair" Harrington when he's looking all pixelated? How about newcomers like Alexei and Robin introduced in season 3? Put your image decryption skills to the test, and see if you are as good as Robin in this area.

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Most Stranger Things Fans Can't ID 18 of Censored Chara… Quiz Questions

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