Rate These Sandwiches from Subway and We’ll Guess How Healthy You Are

What do you stick between your bread?

Subway is the world's largest restaurant operator. As a result of clever marketing tactics, diet-friendly food, and delicious customizable options, it is also one of the fastest growing franchises.

An example of Subway's marketing prowess comes in the form of their 2008 $5 footlong promotion. As the name suggests the large sandwich option was sold at an affordable price for all kinds of fillings. It garnered so much fanfare that it still remains Subway's most successful promotion to date, and eventually became a staple on their everyday menu due to the overwhelming customer response.

Submarine sandwiches form the core product on the menu. The sandwich can be customized in terms of the bread, meat, vegetables, and condiments. The diverse menu offers something for everyone, be it the fitness freak, the weight watcher or the indulgent food lover. The company has also expanded to selling wraps, salads, soups, and their famed cookies.

Tell us how much you love these 15 staple subs from Subway. Each one comes with different meats, fillings and sauces. Based on how much you like or dislike each one, we will take a guess at how healthy you are!

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