Pretend to Be a Superhero and We’ll Tell You If You Can Save the World

Just having superpowers isn't enough.

Perhaps you've watched a lot of superhero movies and have thought to yourself "hey I could do that". After all, many superheroes make it look really easy to save the world from some form of doomsday event or evil villain. They seem to do so in almost every movie. Just because many fictional characters are successful at the end of the day, however, doesn't mean you'd be good at it too. Simply having superpowers is not enough to be a great superhero. If that was the case, it would simply be too easy.

A true superhero has to make quick decisions, prioritize things over one another, and be an incredibly competent human being. Perhaps you think you would make a great superhero and would be able to save the world just as easily as those you have seen in movies and TV shows. In that case, take this quiz and we will let you know if you have what it takes to save the world.

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