This English Quiz May Be Difficult, But You Should Try to Pass It Anyway

Make your high school English teacher proud.

English class was an interesting time during our academic years. Whilst reviewing what most people learned throughout high school, maybe a little junior high, and at the college level, there are some odd trends easily noticed. For instance, many of the books we studied had similar themes to them. Itโ€™s not exactly clear when all English teachers decided "1984" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" were the most important books of all time but they seem to be revered that way by many.

Grammar, spelling, word definitions were a big part of any English class and you will be tested on them here, in addition to literature. This particular English quiz may seem difficult at first glance, but if you paid attention back in English class, you should not find it too challenging. A high school English student would not find it to be very hard, but letโ€™s see how well you do on it!


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This English Quiz May Be Difficult, But You Should Try to Pass It Anyway Questions

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