๐Ÿค” Are You More Practical or Creative?

You're about to find out.

The difference between practical and creative people is actually quite distinct. Despite this, pragmatic and creative thinkers can come from the same families, get along with one another, and even form complementary relationships. Some believe the difference between the two groups stems from how active certain parts of our brains, ie.ย the theory of left-brain vs right-brain thinking. Each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Others feel these parts of our personalities become nurtured by our upbringing and those around us.

Being one type of thinker or the other can have huge effects on your life, including what type of profession you pursue and theย priorities you have in your life. It also determines how others see you, your political leanings, and what you enjoy doing with your spare time.

Are you a more logical, analytical and objective thinker, or more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective? Take this quiz and find out!

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