Prove You’re a Film Expert by Scoring 16/20 on This Totally Random Movie Character Quiz

What level of movie nerd are you?

So, do you think you're a whiz at old-time, live-action movie favorites like Die Hard, Fight Club, and Kill Bill, and modern blockbusters like The Avengers and The Hunger Games? Well not only do you need an encyclopedia-like knowledge of those movies, you also need to have a general lowdown on popular animated films like Toy Storyย and even romantic comedies in foreign languages.

Be forewarned, quiz-taker - not all of the characters featured in the questions are going to be the main characters in their particular movies. They may be background characters or supporting characters you may only get to see once or twice throughout the entire film.

In this quiz, we won't just be asking about popular movies from past to present. We will also touch on a few that may not have done well at the box office when they were first released, but gained traction and eventually became classics.

This quiz starts off easy, and then gets progressively harder. Let's see how many of these movie characters you can name and whether those years of movie-watching will finally pay off!

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