If You Like 20/30 of These Unpopular Desserts, You Are a True Dessert Lover

Have you got the dessert range?

Depending on who you ask, dessert is the most essential meal of the day. Everyone has a preference for their favorite dessert, regardless of whether they like traditional options like chocolate cake and candies or something more unusual. Although ice cream and brownies are classic sweet treats, they are by no means the only options available. In the culinary world, there are many different kinds of strange and exotic sweets. Some are irresistible, while others can be downright baffling. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of rum raisin ice cream. I like ice cream, but I don't enjoy anything with raisins in it. But I know many dessert fans with a wide range when it comes to their sweet tooth, and would happily munch on an oatmeal raisin cookie or two.

Are you big enough of a dessert fan to stomach some of the most unpopular desserts out there? Take this quiz and see if you like the controversial and divisive desserts featured. Have fun and don't take the results too seriously!


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If You Like 20 of Unpopular Desserts, You Are True Dess… Quiz Questions

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