Make Yourself Proud by Getting Over 75% On This Unreasonably Difficult Animals Quiz

What level of animal nerd are you?

Are you an animal lover? Do you want to know more about the amazing animals that inhabit our planet? If so, this quiz is for you! In this 20-question multiple-choice animals knowledge quiz, you will learn many fascinating facts about some of the world's most beloved creatures. From the creature who was the first non-human to go into space, to the white bear that actually has black skin, you'll be amazed at the interesting facts you can learn about animals.

This quiz is designed to be fun and informative, so don't worry if you don't know the answers right away. You can always take the quiz again and see how many more questions you can answer correctly. We hope you enjoy the quiz and learn something new about the incredible members of the animal kingdom. So, get ready to test your knowledge and see how much you already know about animals!

Quiz Playlist

Wildlife Quizzes
  1. 🐋 Only the Super Smart Will Score Better Than 12/17 on This Big, Bigger, Biggest Animal Quiz
  2. đŸĻ• Even Paleontologists Can’t Pass This Extinct Animals Quiz — Can You?
  3. This đŸĻ Ice Cream Vs đŸļ Baby Animals “Would You Rather” Will Be the Hardest Quiz You’ll Take Today
  4. đŸĻ˜ Even Wildlife Experts Can’t Get a Perfect Score on This Animal Quiz — Can You?
  5. đŸģ Can You Identify These US States Based on Their Official Animals?
  6. Can You Pass This “Jeopardy!” Trivia Quiz About Animals?
  7. Can You Identify These Animals from Their Patterns?
  8. What Wild Animal Are You?
  9. Passing This Animal Kingdom Quiz Is the Only Proof You Need to Show You’re the Smart Friend
  10. Animal Kingdom Oddities đŸĻ: How Well Do You Know the World’s Coolest and Most Fascinating Animals? đŸĻ€
  11. 🐙 We’ll Be Impressed If You Can Solve at Least 15/20 of These Sea Creature Anagrams
  12. đŸĻ Can You Actually Survive These Wild Animal Attacks?
  13. đŸĻ’ If You Score Less Than 10/15 on This Animal Quiz, You Need to Go Back to 4th Grade
  14. Only an Animal Expert Will Know the Names of These Bizarre Species
  15. Can You Match These Animals With Their Natural Food Source?
  16. Build a Squad of Cute Baby Animals and We’ll Reveal What People Love Most About You
  17. Think You’re an Animal Expert? 🐘 Prove It by Naming the Second Largest Animals of the Animal Kingdom!
  18. 🐘 It’s OK If You Don’t Know Much About Animals – Take This Quiz to Learn Something New
  19. Can You Name These Animals?
  20. This Animal Quiz Might Not Be the Hardest One You’ve Ever Taken, But It Certainly Isn’t Easy
  21. If You Can Score 15/20 on This Quiz, You’re Definitely an 🐾 Animal Expert
  22. đŸŧ Can You Match 16/21 of These Animals to Their Native Continent?
  23. đŸĻ’ I Bet You Can’t Spell the Names of 10/20 of These Common Animals
  24. Only a Vet Tech Will Be Able to Answer These 20 Animal Questions
  25. 🐹 Hey, We Bet You Can’t Identify at Least 16/21 of These Baby Animals
  26. 🐒 If You Can Answer 18 of These 24 Animal Questions Correctly, You Likely Know More Than Most People
  27. Nobody Has Scored at Least 15/20 on This Animal Trivia Quiz. Will You?
  28. Can You Beat Your Friends in This Quiz That’s All About Animals?
  29. Can You Name These Weird Animal Species?
  30. Can You Name These 40 Animals in Five Minutes? 🐅 đŸĢ 🐑 đŸĸ 🐋


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